Mealtime made beautiful

Every choice you make for your little one, including choosing the best stainless-steel cutlery options, should be made consciously. You can’t go wrong with Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby Spoons.

A nontoxic stainless steel baby spoon & fork with a silicone handle makes mealtime beautiful, safe, and easy. The baby spoon & fork is shorter and wider than the infant spoon, a design that’s ideal for letting babies try feeding themselves.

And the durable, polished 18/8 stainless steel is bacteria-resistant, which means you don’t need to sterilize your spoon. You’ll feel the difference in the weight and the quality of an Avanchy baby spoon right away.

Our baby spoons & forks are perfect for older babies—those who are close to handling a spoon & fork themselves. Baby spoons & forks have a larger head and shorter handle that’s ideal for babies to use.

The baby spoons & forks have been designed to have a “grown-up” feel so toddlers can be proud to use them. At the same time, the rounded stainless-steel tip prevents owies, and the silicone handle makes for an easy grip.

What you get

• One (1) stainless steel baby spoons with silicone handle

• One (1) stainless steel baby fork with silicone handle