Short sleeved tee shirt in dark blue cotton jersey printed with an exclusive Emile and Ida pattern. With Mr and Mrs light blue elephant, attached to each other and giving us “Bons baisers de Delhi”, this tee shirt is an essential in your children’s wardrobe. The grey elephants make a round around the t-shirt and, of course, they don’t cheat! Registered design
This piece is made in Turkey


Bloomer in ecru organic terry cloth with blue stripes. The mix of organic cotton and polyester, extra soft and fluffy, the waistband and the elasticated thighs make this bloomer a classic of the Emile and Ida wardrobe to match with a tee shirt. We like the ribbed finish and the bias stripes. The polyester, added to the cotton, gives the fabric an exceptional elasticity that prevents it from creasing.
Registered design
This piece is made in Portugal