• CREATE YOUR IDENTITY.Let your imagination soar and your horizons expand with our exclusive and innovative line of Nimix. Designed by renowned American artists, these characters, motifs and letterings empower kids to be creative and playful, unique and innovative. Your bag is a blank canvas, let it be an expression of what you love, who you are and how you feel!HOW TO APPLY YOUR NEW VERSION 2.0 NIMIX:+ Access the backside of your bag material by opening the front outside pocket of your bag and reaching inside. (for the student bag, you can also open the zipper in the lining of the top flap)+ Using both hands identify the first hole you want to insert the nimix. Put the first post through that hole. Identify the second hole that corresponds with the second post. Make sure you find a perforated hole and insert the second post+ from the rear side screw back the caps onto the nimix posts.Disclaimer:

    DIY NIMIX are designed exclusively for Light+Nine® products (Patented) ℗. Once Nimix are fixed onto bag you may see a visual mark after removing it